Is PHP really dead or is dying?

Of course, no! If because of you aren’t using any of programming language that is active than more 10 years, it can’t die.

if (date('Y') == 2020) die("like as kings");

Once upon a time, i was quiries what they’re talking about PHP or any programming language that I using or not using. But, i’m bored and tired because of i saw these posts. They’re always talking about same subjects. They’re just typical Influencer’s posts that is not writing any code.

return “Hello, world!”;

The programming is not show area. It need solving a problem. You can’t talk about like as “it is not needed anymore”. All you know, just the talking about polls. The peoples may not prefer to learn PHP. It is natural. If you ask me like that “what i should be learn”, i can tell you that you should learn these tech stack; .NET Core, Python, JavaScript, MySQL, MongoDB. They’re so popular, newly and stable. Because, we not to need new PHP developers anymore. The PHP has big community in the world.

I can’t see job ads about Java programming language in the city I living. Or, is Java dying in 2021? LOL! It isn’t simple like that.

There are always advantages and disadvantages in every programming language. Because, the necessaries always changing.

If you’re actually developer, just improve something that you desire. Don’t talk about the future, just write your codes for future.


1 Yorum Is PHP really dead or is dying?

  1. Ali

    I don’t think so. Techs won’t die. Especially techs like PHP won’t die.

    When you talk about the PHP you also talking about a huge community.

    In order to say PHP is dead, you should kill them first.

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