GetDNS Today, I published a web project named GetDNS. You can reach it via this link:

It’s an alternative for Actually, I hope, it can be an alternative. Because we can’t change habits easily.

When I started working at web hosting sector, IntoDNS had the most popular public DNS lookup service. They didn’t change anything on their service until now and still is popular.

There are too many alternatives on the web. But, I can’t find all I wished in a box. So I decided to prepare an alternative. Now, here we are. Deadline! I finished work on the and published it.

Some features may you like;

  • You can search your domain name in the address bar on the browser like the others.

  • In Chrome browser, you can type to the address bar and press space key. It will turn search input like Google search.

  • You can type your domain name with protocols into input box (ex: or or It will correct automatically.

  • jQuery ajax was used on the lookup page. The results page will be loaded quickly, DNS queries and results will prepare in the background.

  • Google DNS API was used on this project. So, it will support too many things in the future. For now, queries responds with and public DNS IPs.

  • DNS results have two languages. You can see it in Turkish or English.

  • Short and rememberable domain name.

Special thanks to Ufuk Gedik, Mert Cenikut, and Buse Turgay. Ufuk Gedik (Veridyen) supported me with the domain name and virtual server. Mert configured the server and prepared to high traffic. Buse drew an awesome logo and gave some UX tips.