I can say too many things about why I choose Git. But, the most important thing about the subject why you should choose Git?

In shortly, best technology of today on the software sector.

When you want to keep files on the remote server as sync, you can choose Git. Or, when you want to work with your teammates as real-time, you can choose Git. Maybe you want to share your project with everyone, of course, you can choose Git.

Some features I like;

  • Real-time sync with Git servers. Not need anymore to an FTP/SFTP server for backup.
  • Commit. Push. Pull. I like this logic. When I added some code blocks to project or changed some codes somewhere, I can commit it to the Git server. When I finished work, I can push it to the Git server for everyone to see it. And, everyone’s can pull it to local servers.
  • When two programmers or more in a project, they don’t miss edited lines in files. Automatically merges code blocks or warns users.
  • I can clone a project to another one. And, I can continue to another one.
  • I can add tags to project and I can divide them into the versions.
  • I can hide my projects or I can share with my community or I can share projects with everyone.
  • Gitlab and Github keeping hundreds of thousands of projects on the servers. And, most popular open source services choose this tech and these service providers.
  • Git has command-line support. Also, I can use it on the UI via prepared software like Sourcetree from Atlassian.
  • It’s a showroom for me. I added all projects to Gitlab servers and divided into groups. When I need, I find them easily and I can show them to a person or firm.

… the other features belong to Git service provider. And, our subject is about Git technology.

So, you must decide to this:

  • You can choose your hard drives, USB memories, and virtual/local servers. Or, you can add your project to Git and you can use it on any workspace.

  • You can prefer don’t use it. Or, you can prefer to use it and learn how to prepare big projects.

  • You can search your files in the drives and servers. Or, you can add your projects to Git.

That’s it for now. Happy Codings!